Hear in America Benefits

MSTA is proud to partner with Hear in America, a hearing care service provider for retirees, to provide hearing care services for RMSTA members and their families. Hear in America’s goal is to help people who need hearing correction get the best value and follow-up care possible. Hear in America provides more than just discounts, all of their operators have training in hearing sciences and hearing aids.

Free benefits include:

  • Free annual hearing screening for you and your immediate family
  • Referrals to qualified local hearing centers
  • Full line of high-quality hearing aids, available from top manufacturers, with prices up to 70% off manufacturer’s suggested prices
  • Three-year repair warranty includes repair and loss & damage insurance included with new purchases at no additional charge
  • Lifetime clean and check office service at no additional charge
  • Three years of batteries included with every hearing aid purchase

How the plan works:

  • Call 1-800-286-6149 to register for your free benefit
  • Hear in America will refer you to a participating provider in your area
  • Make an appointment for your free hearing screening


Learn more at www.hearinamerica.com/msta or call 1-(800) 286-6149 to register for your family’s free benefits.


  • "I want to let you know about my positive experience with the Hearing Instrument Plan through Hear in America. With the expert assistance of the Hear in America counselor, I was put in contact with the closest hearing professional to me. It was smooth guidance through the entire process with the professional counsel of these two persons. It's a whole new hearing world in all aspects of my life, especially as I interact with my spouse, immediate family, groups of all types and sizes, cultural events, daily happenings in my life, and yes, even the simple everyday sounds that have returned to be a part of my daily hearing world. Its seems to me that the Association has had a visionary outlook in providing hearing benefits for our group. Indeed, I am delighted!"  

    R.C. Retired Educator
  • "I have found my hearing specialist to be a fine gentleman and very professional in trade and appearance. He is truly great to work with. I will recommend that office to anyone that is shopping for hearing aids. My hearing aids are very comfortable to wear and I am happy to report that my head is out of the barrel, when it comes to sound-especially my own voice. WOW, what an improvement. They are working very well. I appreciate your professionalism and skills. Thanks for your help in improving my hearing."

    C.C. Spouse of Member